Tools to help you succeed!

Welcome to the Brain Dump resource section. Here you find a curated list of tools, websites and books that I strongly recommend! I personally use every recommendation you'll find here.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. At no expense to you, I will earn a commission in case you actually decide to purchase something. As said, I recommend these products because I love them, not because I get a commission from them.

Automation is Zapier on steroids and made for devs instead of people who require no-code. Granted, it is still a graphical interface, but not linear, like Zapier. You can construct a full flow graph, with logic, data stores, etc. Make allows you to craft complex logic, flows and interactions. I moved everything I had on Zapier and IFTTT there instead.



StatusCake Monitoring gives you immediate alerts in case your domain is suddenly down, and when your SSL certificate is about to expire. Very useful passive monitoring and at a much better rate than the bigger names.

Content Delivery is a great alternative for Cloudflare, with a pay-as-you-go model, instead of Cloudflare's per domain subscriptions. If you have multiple smaller domains, probably provides what you need without all the complexity of Cloudflare.



My hosting provider of choice is TransIP VPS Hosting. A very tech driven company, with super support, fast ordering process and everything you need from right within the web interface.